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Collectors inventory

How can I Inventory my Collections?

Do you have a large collection of Jewellery, Art, Watches or Wine which need to be recorded?

Can you evidence each piece of your collection without having to rummage through photos or spreadsheets?

Would you like a print and bound portfolio to show your collection off?

Are you relocating or putting your collection into storage?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, Gayle Inventory are here to help!

Whether you have a large selection of Shoes, designer goods, Books or Records, we can assist with creating an itemised photographic record of your collection. When a collection goes beyond 50 pieces, it becomes much more difficult to track, maintain and insure. Our Collection Asset Inventory is designed to create a portfolio so you have an accurate record of your collection which can be admired for years to come. 

When recording your pieces, we include serial numbers, identifying marks and brand names along with the photos so each item is easily identified. 


Our Inventory Inspectors are trained and experienced at handling delicate items and will always handle your items with care. All inspections are fully confidential in order to protect your privacy.

What are the benefits?