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What is an Insurance Asset Inventory?

If your home burnt down, could you prove what you owned?

Have your valuables been undervalued at the point of claim in the past?

Do you want to right size your contents insurance policy?

Has your insurance policy been voided due to underinsurance in the past?

Do you want proof of of your contents in case of a burglary or flood at home?




If your answer to any of the above is YES, Gayle Inventory can help!

Our Insurance Asset Inventories record the contents of your home and can be used to prove what you own in the case of a claim. It's not down to us to decide which items are valuable to you so our reports include everything from kitchenware, furniture and tools to artwork, jewellery and electronics. We record in excess of 500 items in the average family home, guaranteeing you a full 360 overview of your valuables. Each item is photographed and documented with an accurate description. We list serial numbers of electronics and appliances where possible and photograph purchase receipts and valuation certificates when they are provided.  

When things go wrong and your personal possessions are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, the first thing an insurer will request is proof of purchase. Having an Inventory created by an experienced third-party company is the best way to prove what you own; especially in the case of a fire, theft or flood. Ensuring that in the case of a future claim you can get back to normality as quickly as possible. 


Without an Inventory, an insurance company may estimate the cost to reimburse you for your loss based on a post incident inspection or the information you've provided (from memory or photographs). Potentially replacing lost or damaged items with the cheapest alternative, leaving you in a financial hole. With an Inventory you can make sure that you are reimbursed with like for like items; or the equivalent value of, meaning you don't have to recall everything from memory at a stressful or difficult time. 

What are the Benefits?