• Danielle Turner

Don't sell your probate property until you've done this one thing

Updated: Feb 8

When administrating an estate, your instinct may tell you to empty the property and get it on the market as soon as possible. As much as you may want to rush ahead to get to the finish line, doing so could potentially be leaving money on the table, never to be discovered again.

In my experience, homes are a treasure trove of hidden valuables and every home has it’s own story to tell. You'll be surprised to hear that at Gayle Inventory, we've found some of the most valuable assets within the most quaint and unsuspecting homes.

In 2022, most people have online banking, manage their assets online and have an email trail of all of their insurances, mortgages and past financial commitments.

'But what happens to those who aren't online?'

Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the aging population still only store hard copies of signed paperwork, have their pension documents stored in a file and still conceal their rainy day stash in secret hiding places within the home. Without a probate inventory of the home, hidden assets become destined for landfill and are simply left undiscovered.

A Probate Inventory is the best way to close the gap in this process. It involves a thorough room by room inspection followed by a detailed and itemised report of contents giving the executor the tools to uncover items of value and make quick, efficient decisions on how to progress the case.

At Gayle Inventory, our Probate inspectors leave no stone unturned and can tackle the most cluttered of properties. Our state of the art technology enables our team to document hundreds of items with care and precision, in a short period of time.

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