Probate Asset Inventory | Probate Treasure Hunt Service

probate inventory

How do you uncover assets in a Probate Property?

Are you a Solicitor, Executor or Family member trying to progress a  Probate case?

Would you like to reduce the time taken to identify assets, find missing valuables and distribute assets to heirs? 

Do you need to streamline your process for handling probate cases?



At Gayle Inventory, Our Probate service is specifically designed to quickly uncover valuables, assets and documentation within the home. The service enables the executor or family to have an accurate record of the properties contents and hidden treasures which may be valuable to the Estate. Our Inventory Inspectors are specially trained and inspect the property room-by-room in order to itemise the properties contents. Photographs are taken of each item and categorised by type e.g. Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Art & Bric a Brac.  

Items of particular value such as jewellery and identifying documents can be boxed and returned to the client for storage and valuation. 

A detailed comprehensive PDF report is issued following the inspection. 

What are the Benefits?