Tenancy Inventory

Inventory & Check-In Reports

Our Inventory reports provide a full visual inspection with written description to record the condition of fixtures, fittings, decor and furnishings of a property and is accompanied by photographs. We also assess the quality of cleaning and always use layman's terms in order to avoid any confusion. 

In preparation for the Inventory, all refurbishment and cleaning must be complete and ready for inspection.

We offer a combination Inventory and Check in service which allows the Inventory to be compiled and the Check-in service to be provided to the tenant on the same day.


The Check-In report is a document which forms part of the contract between Landlord and Tenant as stated in the Tenancy Agreement. Tenancy deposit schemes including the TDS and MyDeposits depend upon Check-In reports in the case of dispute and adjudication of deposits. All Check-In reports include a list of keys, location of meters and their current readings. We also test smoke alarms for sound emitted at Check-In and Check-Out as standard. ​At the Check-in we will meet your tenant at the property and go over the report with them room by room. In the event of the Inventory being prepared on a different day to the check-in, we will take additional photos and update the report accordingly in order to reflect the 'Check-In day' condition. We take digital signatures for the Check-In declaration and release keys for the start of the tenancy. 

Read a case study on the importance of a Check-In report here : TDS Case Study


​Our Check-Out inspections can be done with or without the Tenant present. We assess the full condition of the Property and compile a report detailing the condition of the property versus Check-In and highlight whether there are any tenant liabilities, items of fair wear and tear, maintenance issues or items which require further cleaning.

When the tenant is present, we make them aware of any issues which may affect their deposit and take a forwarding address for future correspondence and deposit scheme compliance. 
All Check-Out reports include final meter readings, a list of keys returned by tenants and smoke alarm checks. We return all keys to the individual or Agent who has instructed the inspection.

Sample Inventory 
Sample Check-Out 
What we inspect.

The quality of cleaning is summarised as domestic or professional and a full itemised condition report is created


Keys are photographed and recorded on all Check-in and Check-out reports


We check all of the lights and record whether they are working

smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are tested for power and sound


All appliances are visually inspected and tested for power. For Gas & Electrical safety testing, please consult a certified professional

boiler & radiators

All gas appliances are visually inspected. For Gas safety testing, please consult a certified professional


We conduct a visual inspection detailing finish, defects, fixings and characteristics

fixtures & fittings

All items including sockets, shelves and hooks are visually inspected and recorded on the inventory

information for letting agents.
Inventories that stack up when it counts

Fully automate the Inventory side of your business by using Gayle Inventory to provide an independent and impartial Inventory. Our unbiased service is guaranteed to retain the trust of both Landlord and Tenant and steer away from any conflict of interest at Check-Out. We are always friendly and professional and aim to act as an extension to the high standard of customer service your would provide in your office.

Block Bookings 

We are happy to accommodate volume bookings for Lettings Offices, New build developments, Serviced Apartments, Portfolios and Private Estates.

What is fair wear & tear?

It is accepted that during any Tenancy there will be a degree of Wear and Tear to the decoration, fixtures and fittings within a property. Excessive wear may include heavy scuffs, scratches, chips and indentations, pen or crayon marks, tears to wall coverings, screws or nails drilled into walls. When assessing fair wear and tear, the tenancy duration is taken into consideration and all areas are compared to the Check-In Inventory with reference to the general age, condition and life expectancy of the item in order to determine whether fair wear and tear is applicable or if a Tenant's deposit will be affected.